5 Tips If You’re Looking To Rent In Northwest Arkansas

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time renter or an old pro – there’s always something to learn in regards to renting an apartment or a home. If you are unsure of what to expect in the rental process and want to be prepared for any and all curve balls – keep reading!


save money








1. Save Money

This goes for any type of move. Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting – you want to have as much in savings as you possibly can. When renting there are many costs associated with it such as: application or background check fees, a deposit to move in, and first months rent. You will also have to turn on utilities at the rental and in most cases electric and gas companies require a deposit as well. Do you have pets? If you answered yes, be prepared for an extra deposit. Save as much as you can in the months and weeks leading up to your anticipated move in date to aid in any additional unforeseen costs.


Don't Wait








2. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Especially in Northwest Arkansas, rentals go fast! Sometimes finding a good rental can be difficult when the market is limited on what is available. Even more so if you have specific requirements you can’t budge on (price, bedrooms, handicap accessible, etc). One of the best things you can do to avoid being left without a place to live is to start browsing what is on the market 30 days before your desired move in date. Anything more than that and the move in date might be earlier than you’d prefer; with anything less you might feel rushed and need to settle with what is available. 30 days is the rental “sweet spot” to start searching for your dream rental!


Use An Agent








3. Use A Rental Agent

Just like searching during the “sweet spot,” there is another strategy that can be used to put your best foot forward. A rental agent! Our office has 10 of Northwest Arkansas’ leading rental agents ready and willing to help you be at the top of any applicant list. In this fast paced market it can feel impossible when trying to apply for a rental on your own. Many times you will go view a property only to learn when turning in your application that it has already been rented. A rental agent can help avoid this disappointment by getting you to the rentals when they first land on the market; and it’s their job to know if there are any other applications on the property before you view them.

If you would like to use one of our rental agents to help you find your dream rental, please give us a call at 479-271-9595. 

Know Your Specifics









4. Know Your Specifics

Most of the time prior to rental hunting, you know what you’re looking for. You could rattle off your needs of a three bedroom, two bath, large backyard home to anyone willing to listen! Other specifics you need to identify prior to looking for your rental home is your price point, potential school districts, and how close to “town” you want to be. There are many other specifics you need to think about but these are our recommended few!


Good Background








5. Keep A Good Credit History

Do your best to stay on top of all bill payments that you have in the years and months leading up to renting a home. Ensuring that you have a good credit score and a good record of previous bill paying shows that you have potential to being a great tenant. This is what home owners want to see when they look at your rental application. Previous landlords may be called so it’s wise to keep a good reputation associated with your name.


We hope that these tips helped you in knowing what can put your best foot forward when you’re looking to rent.

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