5 Tips To Decorate Your Rental

If you’ve made the decision to rent an apartment or home (yay!) the next step is figuring out how to decorate it. Keep reading for our five suggestions on how to personalize your rental without breaking any rules as a tenant!



Statement Furniture










1. Add Statement Furniture.

Your bigger items, such as furniture, can make or break the styling of your rental. If you are unable to hang things from your wall or paint this could be your ONLY option as far as giving your own personal flare to your space. Make sure you make it count!

accessories your walls










2. Incorporate Accessories To Break Up Boring White Walls.

One of the main things we think about when decorating a rental is how to bring those white walls alive! Most of the time a renter isn’t able to paint the walls a different color, so bring in the colors with your accessories!

coffee cart










3. Add A Surprise Element

We’re featuring a tea cart turned into extra bathroom storage that is also visually appealing. You could pick anything and on Pinterest the possibilities are endless! When you purchase any form of bulky item for your rental it needs to serve a purpose. So make sure whatever you choose it gives added storage or has a functional use.











4. Have A Headboard & Linens That Fit Your Personality.

One of the best things at the end of a long day is getting to climb into bed with a comfy blanket. Make sure that blanket fits your style and you’ve knocked out two birds with one stone. Comfort and creativity. This is an easy way to create the “feel” of a room be whatever you want it to be.











5. The Power Of Adding.

Adding a rug, storage, and mirrors all collectively make a room appear larger! You will never have enough storage in a rental so when you add more like a bookshelf or a desk you’re giving yourself a better chance at making the space your own.


We hope that these tips help you when decorating your rental!


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