5 Hacks To Help You Pack For Moving

As Spring selling season is upon us it’s time to declutter and get prepared for your move. Packing up the entire contents of your home is never a fun task, but it can be simplified! Read our top five hacks to help you better pack for a move.











Tip #1

Take a photo of how your electronic devices are connected so you can remember how and where the all wires go











Tip #2

The quickest way to pack the clothes hanging in your closet is to (while hanging) put sections of them in trash bags and tie the straps around the hanger. This saves you from having to pack clothing in a box AND makes unpacking clothing simple.











Tip #3

Pack the items you will need first in clear plastic bins. This allows you to see inside the bins but also it will stand out among all of your traditional cardboard boxes.











Tip #4

To avoid breaking your plates place plastic ones in between them!











Tip #5

Make sure to label your boxes what room they will be going to in your new place, but also label what is inside the boxes.



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