How To Throw A: St. Patrick’s Day Party for your Office

We’re launching a new series on our blog (yay!) Our office hosts many events throughout the year and we want to document them for our readers and potentially help them re-create the events at their own office. This past Friday our office administrators put together a St. Patrick’s Day party after hours that ranged from Irish Mules, to a rainbow with a pot o’ gold fruit tray, and lucky charms rice krispies treats! With plenty more goodies in between. If you want to see what it took to put this event together, keep reading.

Let’s talk room decor! We wanted to make the theme obvious but keep our budget low. We knew the majority of our party planning funds needed to go towards drinks and food so we kept it simple for decorating. We purchased a roll of plastic green tablecloth; because we knew we would need a lot of it we figured it out to be more economical to purchase a roll than to buy individually wrapped tablecloths. Figure out which works better for the type of party you will be throwing.

Here are the other decorations we placed throughout the room:

Hanging Decorations

Plastic Coins (which we placed ALL throughout the event space)


We purchased a helium tank at Wal-Mart and a bag of gold balloons. Each tank comes with a bag of multi-colored balloons inside and string to tie the balloons with. This is how we created the balloon bouquets.

It took two of our administrator’s an hour and a half to put together the decor for the entire event space.

When you’re hosting an event, one thing that can help take the pressure solely off you is to partner with another company who is willing to sponsor the event. For our event we were lucky enough to be sponsored by two outside companies. First National Bank of NWA sponsored some of the food for this event and PCI Advance Title sponsored all of the alcohol and drinks.

As we are a Real Estate Brokerage we found sponsors that fit into our niche. If you are not in the real estate industry, that’s okay! (That’s what you hire us for.) Just be sure to reach out to offices that fit with what YOU do.

After you figure out if you will be having an wonderful sponsors, next you’ll need to fill in the blanks! Make sure your guests RSVP as this is vital to ensuring there is enough food and beverages for the event. Our sponsors brought the whoopie pies and one of our sweet agents brought in the shamrock cookies! One of our administrators who has a knack for cooking and baking brought in the remaining treats!

We wanted some healthier options and finger foods so through Pinterest we got the idea for the Rainbow with a Pot O’ Gold Fruit Tray. The vegetable tray was super easy to make and our ranch dip was made using only a 160z container of sour cream and a Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Packet. The meat and cheese rolls came already prepared at Wal-Mart!

So what do you say? Are you ready for next year’s St. Patrick’s Day?





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