Pricing Traps ( Pitfalls of Overpricing )

It’s easy for homeowners to stumble into two common pricing traps when putting their home on the market. The mainstream thought is that, “What’s the harm in overpricing at first? I might just get what I’m asking for! The worst that can happen is the buyer will offer lower. . .”

3 Pricing Traps You Don’t Want To Fall Victim To:

1. Sentimental value vs. actual value — Feeling an emotional connection to your home and assuming the home’s worth based on this attachment.

2. Expecting a dollar-for-dollar increase in the selling price based on renovations — Or more.

3. Zillow’s “Zestimate” — “Zillow actually has a disclaimer on their website that states zestimates are not accurate,” says Taylor Zamzow, an agent with us.


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