Get Prepped for Your Home Inspection

Congratulations, you’ve got a contract on your home! Before we celebrate, there’s still some work to be done to ensure the deal closes. It’s time for your home inspection. It’s my goal to make sure you and your home are prepared for this important step. Let’s get started!

  • Clean the house – Although obvious, sometimes we need reminders to clean and declutter. Inspectors can’t see past or through things in your home, so let’s get them cleaned up and out of the way.
  • Clean up the outside of your home – Clean your gutters out, remove brush, leaves or other piles from exterior foundation.
  • Replace old light bulbs and filters – Replace any burnt out bulbs. Inspectors need to know that everything is working properly and replacing burnt out bulbs can make this a lot easier on them. It’s also a good idea to replace any dirty filters too.
  • Leave space around furnaces and water heaters – Move any boxes, shelves, or furniture that might be blocking access to your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. About 3-4 feet of workspace is what an inspector needs. If they can’t get it to, they may not inspect it well and might suggest that a specialist take a look.
  • Be on time – Be ready to leave your house up to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment in case the inspector is early. It’s common for inspectors to start on the exterior of your home, so leave the blinds closed until you’re dressed and ready to leave the house.
  • Leave the utilities connected – It’s important for the utilities to be connected so that a proper inspection can be done. If utilities aren’t on, the inspection will most likely have to be rescheduled and most inspectors charge a fee to return to the home.
  • Keep pilot lights lit – Many inspectors will not light these themselves due to liability. If it’s not lit, gas-powered items may not be inspected properly.
  • Provide access to attic and garage – an inspector MUST inspect your attic and basement. If they can’t get to it, they will have to come back to inspect it which will cost more money and delay the process. Remove anything blocking access – including your car.
  • Leave keys for outbuildings and electrical boxes – all unattached buildings will need to be inspected as well and so will the electrical box and sprinkler system if you have them. Leave them all unlocked, or leave labeled keys for the inspector in your home. It’s also a good idea to label your electrical box if it’s not already.
  • Provide repair documents – If you’ve had any major remodeling projects or home maintenance done, provide the documentation or invoices to the inspector.
  • Prepare to be away from your home for a minimum of 3 hours – Inspections can take a long time. Make sure you and any pets are prepared to be away from at least 3 hours. If you can’t remove your pets, please make sure they are crated and not just shut in a room. The inspector needs to check out that room, too.

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