Invest in a Career in Real Estate

Whether you’re fresh out of school or looking for a new career start, investing in a real estate career could be the perfect investment you need to make into your future. We know it’s a big decision to make and can be a little overwhelming, so we wanted to share some of the reasons that we believe a career in real estate could be a successful move for you to make.

  • Flexibility – Manage your own schedule. Block out time each week for specific tasks, like picking your kids up from school or a class/webinar. You can spend extra time on clients/projects during important times in the transaction process. You have the freedom to spend each day however it would be the most productive for you and your business.
  • Every day is different – It’s almost impossible to be bored unless you just really want to be. You can spend one day with clients, the next meeting new potential clients, another day hosting an open house, and another furthering your education in the industry. There is always something to learn, whether it’s market trends or new ways to boost your business. RE/MAX offers a many tools to help you get your business started and further it every day.
  • Grow as Much as You Want – Some agents work independently, but if you find someone you work with really well together, you always have the option to work as a team which in turn will help grow your business. Once you’re a team, you can grow it to as many team members as you’d like. Keep it small and simple, or work with a large team, the choice is yours!
  • Build Relationships – In this business, relationships can get you a lot of business.There are a lot of different parties involved in a real estate transaction so you’re almost guaranteed to make some friends in this business outside of your office. Those friends can help you with current clients, acquiring new clients and maybe even in your own personal life.
  • There’s No Cap on Your Earnings – At most companies, you reach some sort of pay ceiling. In Real Estate, you can make as much as you possibly can each year. In a sense, you’re yearly evaluation is how much business you did during the year, and how you fostered relationships to grow your business the next year, if you wanted to that is. If one year, you need to slow down and spend more time with family, you have that option.
  • RE/MAX Real Estate Results – We offer top notch training, marketing materials and a staff that handles back end work and helps make each transaction as seamless as possible for you and your clients. Our staff is constantly working on materials to help promote your business and your brand whether it’s listing flyers, agent resumes, branded market trend information or promotional items. RE/MAX Real Estate Results works hard to make sure your business is the best it can be! With 60 agents in our office, there is always someone to talk to and gain insight from.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not investing in a real estate career is right for you, please give us a call at 479-271-9595. We’d love to help you start this journey!

Ready to start this new chapter in your life? Results Real Estate Academy ​is offering the required 60-Hour Pre-License classes ​May 4-6 and May 11-13. Classes are held Friday-Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm.

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