Keep Your Home Safe this Summer While You’re on Vacation

It’s sweet summertime! That means trips to the lake, camping trips and vacations. Whether your summer getaways are just for the weekend or week-long trips, we strongly encourage you to make sure everything is safe and sound at your home while you’re away. We’ve compiled a list of good safety tips and practices that should help you deter thieves or intruders when you’re not home.


Home security system

If you have a security system, use it. Let your provider know that you’re going to be out of town and see if you’re able to give them a relative or neighbor’s contact number as well as your own.


Get friendly

Let your neighbors know that you’re going to be out of town. Ask them to not only keep an eye on your house for anything suspicious, but also ask them to keep an eye out for any fliers stacking up on your porch or hanging on your doorknob. Ask them to help you keep your house looking occupied, take the garbage can to the street and back up to your house on pick up day, see if they will park their car in front of your house. If a burglar is casing your house, this will help deter them from choosing yours to break into.


Hire a house or pet sitter

There’s no better way to make your house look occupied than for it to actually be occupied. If you can get some assistance from someone you trust to house or pet sit, we definitely recommend it.


Lock all windows

Though this seems obvious, it’s easy to forget.  If you keep a window open for a pet to come and go, make sure you close and lock it before you leave.


Remove your hidden spare key

If you have a hide-a-key, make sure you remove it before you leave town. It’s probably one of the first things a thief will look for at your house.


Make your house look occupied

If you have lights or electronics on times, use them. This will help make your house look occupied and deter burglars.


Hold your mail and stop newspaper delivery

Mail or newspapers stacked up at your house are a big sign that you’re away. Hold your mail and deliveries until you get back if you don’t have someone coming to check your home regularly.


Hire a lawn care company

If your lawn is always manicured or you’ll be away for an extended period of time, consider hiring a lawn care company to handle your yard maintenance while you’re away.


Don’t advertise your absence

Try not to post about your vacation on social media, blogs, etc. until you’re back from your trip. You never know who might be looking at your social sites.




We hope these tips help you stay safe this summer and enjoy a worry-free vacation!

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