10 Reasons It’s Great to Be a Renter vs. a Homeowner

It’s no secret that there are both pros and cons to being a renter, but regardless what side of the debate you’re on for Renter vs. being a Homeowner, there are still an abundance of reasons to considering renting a home or an apartment. Here are our top 10 favorite reasons to be a renter:


  1. You can break up with your apartment at any time
  2. You never have to mow the lawn
  3. You don’t have to buy as many sofas
  4. Your parents will probably stay in a hotel when they visit
  5. Someone else will fix your running toilet
  6. You can keep your options open
  7. One Word: Amenities
  8. You make so many new friends
  9. You only need one U-Haul
  10. It’s an adventure!


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