How can I make moving as easy as possible?

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in your life, which is where a strong and trusting partnership can make a big difference. Here are a few helpful moving tips:

Contact a reputable moving company six to eight weeks before moving day to have an agent visually survey the home and prepare an estimate. This is a great time to make a home inventory list and work with your preferred REALTOR® on de-cluttering and turning your house into a show home.

Six weeks before the move is the best time to get your records in order by completing change of address forms; obtaining copies of medical records to forward to new providers; and obtaining school records, pet records, legal and any other financial documents needed for the move. Focus on sanity and family by visiting some of the places that hold happy memories, arranging going away parties and making family travel plans for the move.

At the four week mark it’s time to get packing! If you’re packing yourself, stock up on moving boxes and packing materials. If you need special transport for your pet, it’s wise to check referrals and make arrangements with plenty of advance notice.

One to two weeks before the move is the time to contact all utility, membership and service companies to cancel or transfer service. At this time a reputable moving company will contact you to review your move arrangements. Now is the time to decide what to do with houseplants, refill prescriptions and make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

When you’re days away the excitement should be setting in and there are only a few last minute things to take care of. Pack an overnight kit with essential supplies including snacks, clothing, toiletries, scissors, tape, first aid kit, and medications.

When moving day arrives be available to answer any questions your mover may have and do not leave until they are finished and you’ve had a change to take a final look around.



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