Deposit-Friendly Decorating

Life as a renter can be hard, especially when you can’t express yourself in your own home without risking your deposit.  Here are ten solutions to this dastardly dilemma without losing that precious deposit.

1. Hide Ugly Eyesores

Everyone knows that most apartments are not super up-to date. Faded light switches and ancient radiators are not the most modern thing on the market, and many people just put up with these problems, but you can hide these issues pretty easy.  Art collages can hide those light switches by drawing the eye towards light and color.  An old metal screen can be repainted and attached to a simple wooden frame to hide the radiator.  These simple fixes will completely update your apartment in seconds.

2. Use Plant Life

Greenery can breathe life into any space, especially small ones. Fake plants look real enough to pass for real plants, and they can do wonders for splashes of color or just to fill that awkward spot in the corner.

3. Change the Shower head

Shower heads are easy to switch out and can usually increase the water pressure instantly!

4. Out-Dated Fixtures? Change Them!

Switching some of the old fixtures will give your apartment some more of your personality. Change doorknobs, light fixtures, even appliances, but keep the old, so you can put them back at the end of your lease.  Landlords might not be too willing to give up your deposit, when there are fixtures missing throughout the apartment.

5. Make those Old Appliances Shine

If you can’t afford to replace or store those old appliances give them a temporary face lift with adhesive stainless-steel paper.  This cheap and easy upgrade will give any apartment a high-class feel.

6.Wallpaper for Days?

Temporary wallpaper is a life-saver, when moving into a bland apartment.  A variety of colors and designs allow you to express yourself without costing you your deposit. Installation is easy, and you can always take it down when you move or if you get sick of it.

7. Tape Up the Walls

Duct or Washi tape can focus on your style and design, so let your inner artist out and create designs throughout the apartment. Choose a color or design that you like and go crazy.  Plot out shapes. Create random designs. Make a pattern. These arrangements can cover up problems or make the apartment stand out.

8. Room dividers create individualized spaces

You can’t always get the exact floor plan that you want when you rent.  Room dividers allow you to create an illusion of separation and privacy.

9. Sample Art

Too afraid to use temporary wallpaper and the landlord won’t let you paint? Frame and hang samples of wallpaper that you absolutely love and cannot live without.

10.  Storage Issues?

The back of the door is usually a forgotten piece of space that can definitely be helpful in our daily lives.  There are all kinds of storage solutions that can hang on the back of the door, and Pinterest is filled with ideas on how to personalize them to fit your needs.  If you don’t need/want extra storage, you can always decorate the back of the door with washi tape to give the door a face-lift it desperately needs.

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