Monday Morning Message | Honor Your Uniqueness

Where do you want to be in your life? What is it most important for you to have accomplished?  Arriving at those big milestones requires constant learning, continuous trials and victories, focus, hard work, and the perseverance to realize the big goals you’ve set for yourself.  Each of us is a unique person with a unique destiny. Honor that uniqueness, by deciding today to create a vision for who you are and what you want to be that is so strong it pulls you into action every day.

Something to Think About
Settling for something less might be easier but it won’t be nearly as rewarding. Make your vision bold, then put the effort into making it a reality.

Weekly Activity
When you wake up each day, and you are standing in front of that bathroom mirror, before you do anything else, do this: Look in the mirror, wink, put on a big smile and say, “I am an awesome and unique individual!” Because you are!

Words of Wisdom
There is something really amazing about you. Your unique ideas and thoughts that you bring to this world. Your smile, your laugh. It’s you and you are valuable, worthy, and cherished. – Rachel Hamilton

Never let anyone or anything distract you from noticing how amazing you are. – Edmond Mbiaka

You are a special individual. Never envy others. You never know what they are going through.
Seek and be inspired by the works of others. Learn their secrets for success. – Lailah Gifty Akita

Don’t sell yourself short; you are your best asset. – Matshona Dhliwayo

Celebrate the idea that you don’t fit in. Find your own fit. Stay unique. – Betsey Johnson

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