Monday Morning Message | Out With the Old

How long has it been since you gave your closet a ruthless purge? We all have stuff we hold on to. Things that remind us of a favorite memory, clothes we hope to fit into it again, etc. – and it often feels like it will just cost too much to give away. Purging closets has many benefits, but most of it leaves you feeling better.  Purging is not removing a few things you haven’t worn in a few seasons; I mean take it all out and start over with only things that you truly love. If you haven’t done this in a few years (or ever), there’s no time like the present to start.

Step 1: Take everything out of your closet. Down to bare walls. Try on everything.

Step 2: Sort each item into 4 piles.

  • Love it: If it is appropriate for the current season, and you absolutely love it and want to put it on right this second, hang it back in your closet.
  • Maybe: Is the fit a bit off? The color? Are you keeping it just because it has sentimental value, or because you paid a lot for it and feel guilty getting rid of it? Put it in a box and store it. If you find yourself wishing you had it, you can always go retrieve it. But if you don’t find yourself wanting it before the end of the season, it’s time to donate it and let someone else enjoy it!
  • Don’t love it:Donate or sell it to fund new purchases.
  • Seasonal:If it’s not in season, but you love it, put it in a box and store it so you can add it to your wardrobe when the proper season rolls around.

If you have a TON of clothes, do this process in groups. All your tops, then all your bottoms, then dresses, shoes, etc.

Step 3: Assess what is left in your closet. Your goal during this phase is to determine your personal style and what you need to round out your wardrobe. Make a list of clothing items you need or want, and then when you go shopping, you can shop strategically.

Step 4: Shop.  Shop for any items you need to complete your wardrobe. Make a list and shop intentionally. Consider your lifestyle. Make sure you have a good ratio of casual clothes to work wear.

Something to Think About
With fewer items in your closet — all of which you love — getting dressed doesn’t feel like a chore and you’ll find you feel better about your body. If a pair of pants does not fit well, banish them. Wear the one pair in your drawer that makes you look the way you want to look. Trust me, no one will notice that you’re wearing them every day; instead, they’ll just notice how great you look.

Weekly Challenge
Purge your closet this week and get ready for spring.

Words of Wisdom
The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t. – Joshua Becker

What I know for sure is that when you declutter – whether it’s on your home, your head, or your heart – it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family. – Peter Walsh

Instead of thinking I am losing something when I clear clutter, I dwell on what I might gain. – Lisa J. Shultz

Clutter steals energy and joy. – Monika Kristofferson

Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination. – Christina Scalise

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