Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week
This week is a great time to STOP and consider your family’s fire safety plan. Did you know that US Fire Departments respond to an average of one house fire every 86 seconds? And that most home fires are attributed to cooking and heating equipment? I’ve pulled a link for a great resource site for the whole family which includes planning tips, creative ways to help children understand, checklists for safety and more. You can find it here from the folks at the National Fire Prevention Association. I’m here if you need anything!

DIY Tip for the Week
“Caulk it up” to energy efficiency. Now is the time to make sure your doors and windows are all sealed effectively. Want a simple trick to see where air is escaping your home? Walk near windows and doors with a burning incense stick. If the smoke heads out the window, you can bet so is your heat and air! Caulk windows and replace door trim where necessary. Here are some handy how-to’s for caulking.

Real Estate Tip of the Week
Fall and spring are historically relocation times for many larger organizations. For that reason, when marketing new homes during this time of year, real estate professionals like myself will often reach out to relocation specialists to provide listing details for those moving into our area.

Words of Wisdom (Fire Safety Slogans)
Big or Small – Fire Safety is for ALL.

Don’t delay, get out of Fire’s Way!

Gather your clan and make a fire plan!

In the case of fire, exit the building BEFORE tweeting about it!

Crawl down low, when it’s time to go!

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